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Featuring a fully fledged, ready to use and easily themeable Design System

A Design System is nothing without a system applying it

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We bring you CMS starter to help setup your next professional website lighning fast. For the beginning you can choose between headless CMS backends like Static CMS, Storyblok, Netlify Create (formerly Stackbit) or you go with 11ty static site generation.

kickstartDS low-code CMS starters - Connecting a Design System to a CMS just got easier | Product Hunt

Dive into our demos, starter, components and discover the kickstartDS experience that suits you best!

Highlights of the CMS Starter

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A Slideshow - content of this slide: Connecting a Design System to a CMS has never been easier. And cheaper. Create your next digital experience faster, more consistent and sustainably than ever.
A Slideshow - content of this slide: StaticCMS, Storyblok, Netlify Create (formerly Stackbit) and 11ty. Meet our Starters, low-code, open source, ready to start and batteries included
A Slideshow - content of this slide: From zero to a deployed production website in less than 30 mins. For Storyblok, Stackbit (aka Netlify Create), StaticCMS or even as a static site with 11ty. Your choice!
A Slideshow - content of this slide: Full Design System with branding layer included. Professional components, optimized for content & marketing websites to be used as a starting point for your very own Design System!
A Slideshow - content of this slide: All component variants as presets in the CMS editor. Develop components once and reuse everywhere.
A Slideshow - content of this slide: Automatic conversion with next-gen schema tooling! Use our transformers, or write your own one, based on an extensive library we wrote. Component screenshots, presets and configuration ... all automated!
A Slideshow - content of this slide: Enter the world of headless CMS and start today. It's just one click away! We're on a mission to democratize Design Systems. Are you too?

Open Source vs. Premium Experience

We built two distinct demo websites to represent the range of possibilities with kickstartDS. Plus, You'll find website starters, to start your journey even faster.

Basic Demo of an Agency Website

The Open Source Demo, built entirely on our open-source modules, demonstrates the robust capabilities you can leverage at no cost. It highlights the immense value kickstartDS offers, without any investment.

Premium Experience Demo

For a more enhanced experience, check out the Premium Experience Demo. It demonstrates the potential of our premium kickstartDS Content Component Module. See how a modest and fair one time investment can significantly elevate the look and feel of your website or content-driven application, sustainably.

🤫 Spoiler!

Although this is just a website for demo purposes, if you are looking for an agency to serve your headless or Design System needs, contact us, we are real experts!

From Open Source solution to premium marketing experience

Comparing both demos, you can gain a clear understanding of the value proposition offered by kickstartDS

Basic Agency Website Demo

Compare what the free version, using Open Source components only, can already offer

Premium Content Experience

Which is enriched with more complex components, based on the kickstartDS Content Module.

65+ Examples build on top of 18 components

Flick through our component collection, switching themes or toggling inverted styles

Check out the Storybook

Browsing our Storybook will allow a look behind the scenes on what the kickstartDS Design System starter has to offer

The purpose of this demo

This demo is intended to provide a firsthand experience of the capabilities of kickstartDS. It's not just a website; it's a demonstration of how we can transform your digital landscape. Please note that while this demo represents a Design System Agency, the principles and techniques showcased are applicable to a wide range of industries and use cases.

Important disclaimer

While we've strived to provide a comprehensive demonstration, please bear in mind that this is a simplified showcase of the potential of kickstartDS. The actual implementation of a Design System and headless CMS like Storyblok or Netlify Create can be tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring a custom solution that drives your digital success.

Want to know more?

Intrigued by what a kickstartDS-driven website can do for your brand? Let's explore how we can shape your digital journey. Get in touch today!