A Design System is nothing without a System applying it!

You could start using kickstartDS from scratch, but the quickest way to get started is with a a starter template. Found below, our featured templates help you to setup a fully functioning site powered by a headless CMS like Storyblok, Static CMS or Netlify Create (formerly Stackbit), or start really lean with a static site generator like 11ty.

Start with a template ...

... and kickstart your next website project now!

All starters come fully ready to use, with direct and instant deployment options for Netlify or Vercel. They also include a small getting started page, to surface possible next steps to take.

Additionally the CMS Starters also automatically connect your Design System, and its component APIs, to your chosen headless CMS through our schema tooling, whereas the 11ty starter uses a tailor-made plugin we wrote to render kickstartDS component code directly inside 11ty.

Open Source11ty Starter

11ty is an easy-to-use static site generator that prioritizes simplicity and speed, allowing you to build fast and efficient websites without a heavy build process.

For small to medium projects Free

Select from our 3 initial headless CMS Starters

Ranging from the very small to the biggest of projects

Open SourceStatic CMS Starter

Static CMS combines the speed and security of static sites with the flexibility of a CMS, making content updates a breeze without sacrificing performance.

For small to medium projects Free

Free TierStoryblok Starter

Storyblok is a headless CMS offering a unique Visual Editor for real-time, on-page content editing, enabling rapid and flexible content deployment.

For medium to large projects Free tier available

EnterpriseNetlify Create Starter

Netlify Create (formerly Stackbit) provides a unified platform that rapidly transforms your theme, site generator, and CMS into a fully customizable website.

For large and enterprise projects Not free

Watch a full run-through with some more in-depth background info

From start to finish in 30 minutes, adjust playback speed to your liking

Build a website in just a few quick and simple steps

With our low-code starters you can generate a marketing or landing page, including a fully fledged Design System, ready to be customized to your needs

Step 1

Select one of the starters featured above. Start small with 11ty or Static CMS, or take off with Storyblok or Netlify Create

Step 2

Make sure you fulfill all prerequesites, like having a Storyblok Space for the Storyblok starter, or having a Netlify Identity-enabled project for Static CMS

Step 3

Either use our instant deploy flow for Netlify or Vercel, or fork the starter and make a first deployment manually

Step 4

Adjust the provided theme to your liking, starting from one of the four provided starting points

Finish 🏁

Done! Follow the Getting Started page provided with every starter for next potential steps... and start creating!

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