Themes as a starting point for customization

Showcasing the extensive theming capabilities of kickstartDS

Here you find a selection of themes from well known brands to highlight the extensive theming capabilities of kickstartDS. These themes should serve as a starting point for your own customization journey, providing a tangible example of what you can achieve with our platform.

Whether you're using our Open Source modules or the premium Content Component Module, you can select a theme that closely aligns with your target brand. This gives you a headstart in creating a personalized Design System. With kickstartDS, customization is not just an option, but a fundamental feature!

Theming quick guide

Apply your corporate design to the design system in just 30 mins

Explore these themes

Find your ideal starting point, and begin your journey towards a unique and tailored Design System-driven website with kickstartDS

Systemics Default Demo Theme

Systemics is not a real company, the theme should serve as starting point for a soft dark theme

Google light blue Theme

We took the Google colors as the base for this theme. Start with this to style your look'n feel if similar

Telekom Magenta

Having our home base in Bonn, Germany, what was closer than using the colors of Bonn's famous telco brand.

Reduced and light, blue and white.

This theme is a perfect starter for small businesses, consultancies or chanceries.

Easily adoptable theming in kickstartDS

Powered by layers of tokens as CSS custom properties

kickstartDS differentiates between Branding, Design and Component Token. Whereas Design Token store values base values like color, typography, spacing, animation, etc., Branding Token are a very small token subset to setup your corporate design in lightspeed, they are what powers our 4 themes included. Component Token represent the properties and values that are contained in a component, e.g. container, label text, icons, and states.

You can rely on all those layers behind the scenes for best practice defaults, while at the same time everything can be changed with the addition of a selector and a few variable assignments, enabling unlimited customization capabilities. We've also added useful Component Token for all the components featured in this Design System. Look around in the corresponding Storybook, and explore Component Token there, in our very own Storybook addon

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